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Welcome to Calvary Community Church!
We are delighted that you visited our website. 

We are a diverse and outreach minded church. We have been a spiritual Lighthouse in the city of Columbus for 36 years. Down through the years, many people of all ages, races, and backgrounds have come to our church seeking God, ...and found Him! Many lives have been changed! Many families have joined us to establish a good spiritual foundation.

Everyone is welcome at Calvary! We believe that "Everybody is Somebody, and Nobody is a stranger". There is much warmth, love and respect here. It has been said that we are the friendliest church in town!  Come and visit us Sunday, you'll be glad you did!                          
                                                                                                            - Bishop Charles Sims, Sr. Pastor

The Brotherhood Ministry is comprised of all brothers of the church. This ministry seeks to adhere to the mission of the church through evangelistic outreach to males in the community in order to fortify the body of Christ. They seek to assist the males of the congregation to grow as disciples and to spread the love of Christ through fellowship. There is also a lighter side to this ministry. We also like bringing brothers together and providing opportunities for them to serve, play and talk together. Leaders facilitate weekend retreats, organize service projects, and plan recreational activitiessuch as camping, fishing, football games and father-son activities. 

The Sisterhood Ministry is comprised of all of the sisters of the church. Their goal is to introduce Jesus to the world so that souls will be saved. This ministry seeks to grow the body of Christ by using its circles of influence to lead people to Jesus.  In addition, the ministry will continually encourage every young woman and girl in the church and the community so that the ministry will be fulfilled.

Also, this ministry provide a monthly sisters only prayer on Saturday mornings. They occasionally hold special tea or coffee events, and weekend retreats geared towards rest and spiritual rejuvenation. Leaders focus on facilitating opportunities for sisters to build relationships and develop spiritually.  

The Calvary Church Choir

Leads the congregation in worship and praise every Sunday morning. They also are frequently invited to sing at other churches around the state. 

     Christian Education Dept

Consists of the staffs of Sunday School and Calvary Midwest Bible College.


Christian Mime

At Calvary we minister and worship in wide variety of ways, but all to the glory of God

 2 Corinthians 11:28 (KJV)
Beside those things that are without, that which cometh upon me daily, the care of all the churches.
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